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This will be x-posted to my journal, although this one is edited so you don't have to deal with the details of who I was talking to and stuff like that, that doesn't matter to you.

I wasn't sure how much today would rock, but it was actually really really fun.  I got to miss the entire day because I'm a backyard representive. So anyways we got on the busses at 8:30 and then we all went into the Bishop O'Connor Center's aud and we sat around. Nash came in and talked to us about being leaders, then we went on to do a bunch of activities to get to know one another. Then we discussed what qualities good leaders have and some one said that being able to float is a good quality. And smelling good. Keep that in mind.

After that we got to go out to the dining hall and they had doughnuts and soda. We got to sit around in this really beautiful courtyard and some kids played ultimate. We went in later and did more of those getting to know each other games once we were divided into our neighborhoods. The we had lunch from Rice Cafe, which was VERY good. Then it was back to our neighborhood groups and we decided on what kind of projects we want to do. We (the Wolf neighborhood! Represent! lol) decided that we want to do more food drives, have a "Spartan-fest" kind of thing that would have games and stuff and then bands in the night. After each neighborhood decided on a project, we went back to the aud and our neighborhood chair people presented our ideas. There was lots of neighborhood pride going on, which was great, if not a little frightening at moments. Then we had went off to diffrent corners of the room to talk about what we enjoyed today. More neighborhood pride (very funny), and then we got to leave. Well Wolf and Fox did, but Wisconsin and Rock needed their pictures taken yet. The fox kids were right by the door so when my friend and I got out front, another one of my friends was already there. Everybody was all confused because the buses all left! So we were standing around until they told us that the buses thought we wanted to leave at 2:15 and had to leave by 2:30, so we were stranded and everyone was really pissed off. A couple of kids, one of them being a friend who shall remain nameless -rolls eyes- got rides because they called their parents. But the teachers that came with called Madison Metro and some city buses came and they let all the kids who had to work or go to sports practice, neither which apply to me, get on the first bus. I figured I'd be stuck there forever or something (sarcasm), but the second bus came and I was back in time to make my bus home. I think we got a lot of good plans made today. I can't wait to see them all get done. Lordy that sounded dorky lol

Oh and I just remembered, one of the backyard groups, I believe it was Fox, but I can't remember for sure, it would be them or Rock, had plans to have a theme/costume dance, which I think is really really awesome. So if you have ideas, talk to your neighborhood reps and we can get things done!

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