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Hi, Im Emily. I went to memorial for a year and a quarter, and i my be going back... so i am not Alumni or a current student. But i did go there.. so yea Yeah, i am joining because im bored and because one of your intrests is women, ha.
-Im in 10th grade

-my favorite class at memorial was earth science with mr. Spence.

-Mrs. Yahr was my fav teacher

-before i went to Memorial i went to Charels W. Longer Elementry in Hollidaysburg PA, then huegal, then ore, then toki, then memorial. I currently Attend Shabazz. yay.

-I really dont have specific plans for after high school but i know i want to do something helping other people and getting involved in the community, whichever community it may be.

BTW.. i'm cool cause im on the Spartan mud wrasslin team. \

~holla back.
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